Cleaning Supplies:

All products are the responsibility of the customer. We can supply them to you an additional charge per cleaning. A list of products we prefer to use is located at the end of our service agreement. We will not use any Works products due to the harshness to our crew’s lungs and the possibility of ruining your flooring or fixtures on sinks/showers. If there is a mold/mildew problem, we prefer that the customer spray the areas affected and aerate the room before we come to clean that day. Your cleaner will leave a note informing you of what product(s) you may be low on. If we have asked and the product isn’t restocked, we will charge your accountfor the product we provided.


We do provide all the equipment necessary to clean other that the cleaning product. Our vacuum cleaners are used in other people homes. We cannot guarantee that we are not picking up carpet beetles, fleas, ticks or other undesired elements from these homes. If you have allergies to pets or dust, we do suggest you provide your own vacuum. We do not require you to pick up before we arrive, however if you could make sure that pins, paper clips, ornament hooks, or small objects that are almost invisible are picked up off the carpet, this will save damages to any vacuums we do use. Rugs/carpets that have loose strings should be clipped by the customer before we come to clean also. We will not be responsible for damages to vacuums due to these circumstances. If you have requested for us to use your vacuum and it stops working or we don’t have bags for replacement during the cleaning, vacuuming will not be completed. If your vacuum is used when we come to clean, your cleaner will make sure it is maintained properly and inform you of bags, filters or belts that may need to be replaced.


A check for the approximate payment (including any credits/balances) should be left in a sealed envelope for each cleaning addressed to Carol’s Cleaning. Any credit or balance will be listed on your statement sent to you monthly on the 15th. If you receive a statement with a negative amount on it that indicates you have a credit with us. All payments must be received by the 1st of the next month to avoid a $15 late fee. If an account is more than two cleanings past due, cleanings will cease until the account is paid up.

Time Allotments:

The time estimated originally given could change when there are new rooms, new furniture, construction in the home, new knickknacks, or if you get new pets. If we see something that needs to be done that is not included in the cleanings, we will ask for approval before doing the task (such as a set of blinds or a silk arrangement that needs washed). If something is taken away from the normal routine, this will reduce the time we are in your home unless the time saved is swapped with an extra task. Please realize every new item big or small does take extra time to dust or move which increases the time in your home. Some homes after time, may need to be re-estimated depending on changes in the home.

People in home:

We try to keep the same crew in your home for as long as they stay with us. All of our crew must pass a background search, which is performed through the Michigan State Police Website. The supervisor will train a crew for your home and then make routine visits depending on cleaning rotation for your home. If a crew person designated to your home is sick or on vacation, we will send a different crew person to come in and clean that day, unless you request us to contact you first.


Around the holidays, there are presents, decorations, extra guests and tree needles that may cause less or more time if we have to work around or add these items. In springtime, when windows are opened and pollen gets heavy, it may take extra dusting and vacuum time. Also in warmer weather, we start cleaning outside door walls, windows and windowsills again that make a big appearance in the home.

Every few months, if allowed, we get a little more detailed. Door framing, pictures, moving of side tables, wiping and vacuuming of all open edges are done. A more detailed cleaning can be done in the spring or fall upon request, which includes moving of larger furniture, upper cupboards if any, upper ledges, blinds and certain light fixtures we may not clean regularly.

Some homes seem to need these tasks performed more often than others and need the edging and pictures done at least once per month. Your crew person will let you know when these things need to be addressed. This could add more time to your general cleaning and is a preference of the homeowner on how often you would like these extra things done. We will not perform these tasks unless we have received approval from the customer.

Customizing your cleaning:

We can make adjustments to your cleaning to stay within your budget. We can stay longer and do more if that is what you want. Some customers like having us come in and do a lighter cleaning one time and a bigger cleaning the next. Other customers like to give us a task list, which may include a bathroom or dusting of certain rooms and flooring to keep us within their budget. If you would like explanations of the differences in these types of cleanings you can get them through our website under spreadsheets.

Special Services:

There are many different types of services that we can provide to you other than housekeeping. We perform home organization and cleaning out or organizing of garages. We can also bring in trashcans, newspapers, mail and water your plants when you’re out of town. Gardening and party services are also available at our hourly rate. If you need something extra done, just ask us.


If you have purchased or remodeled something, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to let us know the proper care needed for the item. If at anytime you see something that we are missing big or small please call or let us know in a note addressed to our office. If you would want more done then we normally would do, please call ahead so we can work the extra time into our schedule.
If you know when you are going on a vacation (even if it is a few months ahead of time) notify the office as soon as possible so we can schedule another job on that day or give a day off.
Please do not tell the crew person schedule changes. Contact the office so we can arrange scheduling as needed.


Please call us to voice any of your concerns at (810) 231-1446.

Office Hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon-Fri.